The Twee Folk Movement

The twee folk movement
(The jug bands rolling on E)
Gave us Mumford and Sons.

Banjoes and oboes!
Hey! Beverly Quillbilly,
Shout ‘nope’ and whistle!

Bow your bendy saw.
Syncopate your tympani.
All the world is song!

Earnest affection
And whispered affectations:
Self-care dialects.

New album coming.
Zooey Deschanel is our
Esteemed producer.

Songs about waffles
And American Spirits,
Wistful, candied brunch.

We battle ennui
By bottling it, my guy.
We feel things heavy.

Revolution in
Skinny jeans, literally
Muted consonants.

A distant kazoo
Gives the signal to attack
While whistling sweet things.