All Suffering Shall End

I re-launched this website in late Spring of 2018 with the intent of using it as a creative, communicative and commercial tool. It’s still a work in progress, like so many of the projects you’ve read about on these pages. I haven’t published nearly as much as I’d planned to, but I’ve gained a small following of paid members to whom I am very grateful, and I’ve learned a lot in managing the site and producing content. It’s been a wild eight months, full of ups and downs, probably much like anyone’s challenging life (Keep your chin up and keep moving, kid.)

Now, with the dawn of the new year, I find myself not only doubling down on my commitment to producing original music, but also shifting the website’s mission in a way that we can all feel good about.  I’m now donating 15% of all revenue generated by this site directly to Society of St. Vincent de Paul. If you didn’t know, this organization’s mission statement is, “End poverty through systemic change.” I stand firmly behind that very basic mission, because poverty is the fundamental source of most suffering.

I hate suffering.

No, scratch that. Re-boot. Remove hatred.

I want all suffering to end.

Nope, still not right. Desire is suffering.

All suffering must end.

Still iffy… Implies conditionality.

All suffering shall end.

That’s getting much closer to a powerfully direct mission statement. It’s systemic, trickle-down thinking. It’s also a bit closer to the transcendental ideal of…

There is no suffering. 

Just keep repeating it to yourself until it sinks in. Kinda like the self-hypnotism of this:

Since re-booting the human operating system to function on love-and-kindness-based values seems to be taking a very long time, the Vincentians provide poverty relief and assistance to those suffering in lack and need.  And, since my poverty-relief infrastructure is not what theirs is, it makes sense to divert a portion of the funds from memberships and downloads to the mission.

The added benefit of this tactic is that it lights a spiritual fire under my ass to produce more, and to increase the social value of the music, podcasts and other media you get from me. It’s gonna make me do more, because 15% of Not Much is still Not Much. But it’s something.

So, that’s the announcement for today: All suffering shall end.

To Thine Own Self Be True

It’s been a while since I last wrote in the album production journal. On one hand, that’s a good thing. I’ve gotten busy with a job I really like, and the desperation with which I was so eager to acquire new paid members has subsided. On the other hand, it’s not so good. I’ve kind of left actual members in the dark about what’s going on with the music. On the third and final hand, a lot is going on with the music. Things have taken a turn.

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Neighborhood News

Music-consuming citizens of the universe, here is my holiday gift to you: A free download of the song Neighborhood News, written and produced by yours truly. I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of someone in a neighborhood discussion group who was perpetually annoyed anytime I posted anything. I won’t lie, I was prolific in…

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How To Congeal Lemonade(?) – Part 2

It took me a little longer than expected to get this rundown of the rest of the demos together. I’m very sorry. I’ve been hustling my ass off, trying to keep a roof over my head and the utilities on. Things have stabilized somewhat. After this post, we’ll start to look at the work on individual songs in much greater detail.

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