JohnJGoddard.com is the website of John Goddard, who happens to be me (I dropped the middle initial in the epic personal re-brand of 2021). The website generally features the things we expect to see at websites, such as written items, photography, music, sometimes podcasts, and, far less frequently, short films, video episodes, and stereophonic musical fandangoes.

My first love is music, and I write and record my own. My primary instrument is my voice, but I play all of the rock and roll instruments, plus a few others. I didn’t ask for these marvelous powers, but while I have them I resolve to use them for Good.

I’ve played in a number of bands since the 1800s, including The Surrogates, Happy Mutants, Your Mother’s Lover, Smudge, Atmagita, The Non-Prophets and Cenozoic. I now record as a solo artist, sometimes under the name Cenozoic, and sometimes I am The Vanilla Duchesne. Formal, onstage live appearances are pretty rare, but I sing in public in my daily life. I do. It really messes with some people.

I’m also an author of books, a commercial writer, artsy photographer, and all around content producer, and that should tell you where I get all the content you’ll see here, on this floating digital journal of my thoughts and experiences. I live and breathe in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.