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Feast Your Eyes And Ears On This Little Bundle Of Wow-Awesome: Music, Recipes, Stories And Much More.

Here in the well worn office chair of John J. Goddard, countless hours are spent culling the depths of the collective subconscious brain basket, ruminating on the findings, then turning them into little totems of meaning for you. And I love doing it, damn it. I’ve written two books, recorded several albums’ worth of music, …

It Takes A Village

The drive from Trogir to Marina was a fifteen-minute hop west on Jadranska Magistrala. The old two-lane highway winds along the coast from Rijeka down through Dalmatia, then across the southern border into Montenegro....

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In my book Dalmatian Cooking, I shed light on the secret treasures of a little known Mediterranean cooking tradition from the coast of Croatia. This book features more than 300 recipes, descriptions of traditional food preservation, and historical background. The relatively near future will see the publication of not only a novel, but also a collection of Balkan meat recipes.

Dalmatian Cooking: Cuisine of the Slavic Mediterranean
Soft cover, 272 pages $21.99 USD
Kindle edition, $4.99 USD

Dalmatian Cooking on Amazon


I write and produce music in a variety of styles, as you will hear in the podcasts and audio programs on this site. I do not perform live at this time, but I offer downloads of original music for your personal enjoyment.