“Syren Song” by Cenozoic

You haven’t loved until you’ve loved a dog, and I sure love my Syren. She’s been deteriorating steadily, and a merciful end is nigh. I haven’t seen much of Syren at all since breaking up with the girlfriend she’s attached to, but I have thought about her constantly. She was a source of pure light in my life for five years, and probably my best friend.

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“Action Pants (Instrumental)” by The Vanilla Duchesne

There’s still a vocal version of this on the way, but you can immediately have and hold an MP3 of the instrumental version by logging in below the video. If you can’t log in, then you need a membership.

The footage I’ve curated is from the 1976 film, “Joy Ride: An Auto Theft”. It’s a cautionary tale of youth gone wild in the California hills.

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Let’s Face It, Rock and Roll is Kind of Dead

I don’t always write pretty songs for piano and voice, but when I do, I like to let you in on the process. I started this one just the other day, so the piano part is just basic chords and a few tinkles so far. I swear that I can hit that last note. I just forgot to take a breath.

The other music is still happening. I’m just playing around with all kinds of stuff to see what people like. I can reach out all I want, but if I don’t touch anyone, the exercise is pointless. I’m think the timeless piano-and-voice format has a decent chance of reaching more people, and it also allows me to use what I consider to be “my voice”.

I haven’t tried writing much of this stuff, but a lot of my older rock songs can be arranged for piano without too much trouble. I’m sure they’ll get more mileage that way. Let’s face it: The potential audience for rock music is not what it used to be. I say that with a tear in my eye, because I do love to rock. But producing music is about your pleasure, not mine. In the words of the late, great Denise LaSalle, your pleasure is my business.

Speaking of business, the studio needs to pay some bills and upgrade a few things. You can help me keep the music coming and get immediate downloads of every song I release when you do.  Make a tiny monthly contribution and reap the rich spiritual reward of directly supporting independent music. 

Are You Worried? Clear Your Head and Enjoy the Work.

When I wake up, the first thing I do is root myself in connection to my best, purest intentions. I don’t know what the greatest common good is, but I know that I want to be a contributor. I give a few minutes of focus to being open to that. Some call that prayer, some call it meditation. It’s really just calibrating my compass. Continue reading “Are You Worried? Clear Your Head and Enjoy the Work.”

Found at Jay International: Vietnamese Lotus Green Tea

If you haven’t experienced St. Louis during the summer, I’ll do you a favor and stop at saying that it gets pretty hot. It’s going to be about 1,000,000° Celsius here today, but I have a favorite natural remedy: Danh Trà Hoa Sen. If you’re tired of water’s aggravating blandness but need a refreshing summertime beverage, this could be the brew for you. Continue reading “Found at Jay International: Vietnamese Lotus Green Tea”