At Least No One Died From Woody Guthrie’s Advice

At Least No One Died From Woody Guthrie’s Advice
General Concerns

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My guest on this episode is Robin Wheeler, cooking teacher par excellence, Woody Guthrie expert, and author of the highly anticipated book with the working title, Woody Guthrie In Love. Robin bares her soul to me about the book, kimchi cliches, her first catering gig and so much more in this very special installment of General Concerns.

Easy Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe

I can’t remember exactly when I developed this recipe, but it’s extremely easy and unbelievably delicious. I am told by just about everyone who tries it that it’s the best salad dressing they’ve ever had, not just the best Caesar. It’s tangy, savory, bright and zesty in all the right ways. It’s maybe the only Caesar salad dressing recipe you will ever need, and I hope you love the video below.

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Recipe + MP3s of both versions of the song

Recipe Only

MP3 of Eezy Skeezy

MP3 of Eezy Skeezy (Instrumental)