Eezy Skeezy (Instrumental)

Imagine waking up to this as your alarm tone, then having an awful day. You can’t do it, can you? This funky little number jolted the nation into an upright position a couple of weeks ago when I used it in a cooking video. Download the MP3 here, keep it in your phone or car, and feel the power of making people smile and dance wherever you go.

Zen and the Art of Garbage Disposal Installation

Paul talks with me about Zen Buddhist meditation and home electrical maintenance, and, of course, music finds its way into the conversational mix, both as subject and reference point.

My re-launch is still pretty fresh and there’s not a lot to show at this site yet, but I’m editing and publishing new stuff as fast as I can. I hope you’ll consider becoming a member for unlimited access to all of my episodes, videos and music downloads. You can also subscribe to subscribe to Paul’s Mashup Channel on YouTube. Whatever you decide, here is my first episode.

Better Call Paul

I have several podcast series in the works, and I often get tremendous insight and perspective from conversations with my friend Paul Hiatt, of Paul’s Mashup Channel on YouTube. We’re both musicians and have played together  many times in the past, and our conversations are like jazz improvisation at times, weaving in and out of themes and ideas, jumping from one subject to the next – just like any good conversation.

I’ve decided to record and publish some of these conversations as a podcast, both as a testament to our friendship and a window to the workings of our creative processes. Since we talk about podcasting and digital media production quite often, there’s a meta-quality to these podcasts that you’ll probably pick up on right away.

You can listen to Better Call Paul right here on this site, or subscribe to the RSS feed.