Honey Turmeric Lemonade Frappé

A glass of aged sunshine.

I get the turmeric thing. When regularly consumed, the cumulative benefits are undeniable. When I rise I take a large dose (about 1.5 grams) with about a gram of neem powder in water with honey.

At night, however, I skip the neem and make honey lemonade with turmeric. If I add some ice and blitz it long enough, I get a sweet, aromatic golden foam that is as textural an experience as it is flavorful and beneficial.

It’s pretty nice.

I never use a recipe for this. It’s just water, ice, honey, lemon juice and turmeric in proportions I consider balanced, but balance will be different for you.

I definitely recommend this for singers, especially warmed as a toddy. It’s all the stuff the throat wants before focused vocal activity.

Thai Farmer Brand Oven-Dried Baby Finger Banana

If you ever need to eat 17 bananas in a hurry, I recommend these delicious morsels from Thai Farmer. As you approach the checkout lanes at Jay International from the tea aisle, they are near the end of the cookie shelf.

These li’l bananas are chewy, sweet and sticky, and they reminded me of dates. I have not tried to prepare anything with them yet (because I ate them all) but the flavor is very strong banana. I think they’d work well in a number of applications. Give ’em a shot. I bet the kids will love them, and maybe I’ll let you know what my niece thinks in an update.

Malsena Self Raising Flour

I have an urge to go out and have twenty short, frivolous conversations with a variety of people. I kinda miss just picking a few local spots to visit and seeing what happens.

I would go out tonight, sit with coffee and write in some place that’s too loud for writing, just to see who I end up talking with. But many of my streets are ice-glazed impassability. And it’s quite cold.

I bought good, high-protein Malsena Lithuanian flour for pizza dough at Jay International today. At 23%, I believe I’ll get some good stretch and crunch going. I don’t usually buy self-rising flour, but this was the highest high-protein flour I could find for the dough.

I also grabbed some beat up, near-free shiitakes and peppers. With mozzarella, ricotta, and some herbs, I think it’ll be a nice pie.

Jay International Foods will be closed for renovation next week, but I have a sizable backlog of photos, product descriptions and tips to share. So, please return if you enjoy these digital outings.

Shiitake Shadows

From shadows we came, and thence shall we go.