The Vanilla Duchesne

Ladies and gentleman and everybody else, The Vanilla Duchesne (doo-SHAYNE) is the name of my Funk, Soul and R&B project. I have released one very short instrumental EP as The Vanilla Duchesne, and it is entitled Redemption!

Action Pants (Instrumental)

Download “Action Pants (Instrumental)”

ACTION-PANTS-INSTRUMENTAL.mp3 – Downloaded 1 time – 5.40 MB

El Matador (Instrumental)

Download “El-Matador.mp3”

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Neighborhood News (explicit)

Download “Neighborhood-News-1.mp3”

Neighborhood-News-1.mp3 – Downloaded 309 times – 2.58 MB

Eezy Skeezy (Instrumental)

Download “EEZY-SKEEZY-Instrumental.mp3”

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Eezy Skeezy

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