My writing has appeared as commercial copy and in a number of publications, some of which disappeared before the advent of the Internet. I have reviewed music and restaurants, conducted interviews and written feature articles. I have composed promotional text for travel agencies, restaurants, hotels and other small businesses. I have also published two books, one of which I removed from print and shan’t speak of here.

In my book Dalmatian Cooking, however, I shed light on the secret treasures of a little known Mediterranean cooking tradition from the coast of Croatia. This book features more than 300 recipes, descriptions of traditional food preservation, and historical background. The relatively near future will see the publication of not only a novel, but also a collection of Balkan charcuterie formulae.

Dalmatian Cooking

Dalmatian Cooking: Cuisine of the Slavic Mediterranean
Soft cover, 272 pages $21.99 USD
Kindle edition, $4.99 USD


I have studied and played music with focus in the vocal arts for a little more than 30 years. I write and produce music in a variety of styles for a forthcoming video series. I write, play and sing hard rock and heavy metal for a very slowly developing recording project. I do not perform live at this time.


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