Food Photography

sandwich 1024x600

I decided to upload a few of my better food pictures. They are not my best. I’ll share more later.

And The Juice Of The Rutabaga For Me

It was an oh-what-the-hell kind of morning a few days ago when I picked up a rutabaga in the produce section. I seldom begin to think about rutabagas until autumn, when lusty root vegetable mashes are a thing of the season, but climate change has my clock off by a few months and I had it … [Read more…]

Open Letter to a Clam Fisherman


Dear Mr. LaVecchia, In all my many travels around this magnificent planet, I have never been gripped by a pleasure more profound than a good clam. I have also never revealed this secret fetish to anyone before, but now I’m telling you. You must certainly be wondering why. It all began last Wednesday afternoon during … [Read more…]