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This Is Not Social Media

Social media would probably hide this boring image from you.
The moon over QuikTrip

Remember blogs before social media? If so, that memory is your clue as to what will now begin happening here at this domain. But, aside from the structure of things going forward, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to define or explain too much of the content strategy. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to make next. The work of content creation changes from page to page, episode to episode, and I don’t want to overthink The Flow. Also, I work in a variety of media. Some days you’re going to get photography, some days video, or an essay, podcast, review, interview, recipe, perspective, or a gleefully idiotic song.

It’s really anyone’s guess, and I’m fine with everyone guessing.

My aim here will be to enrich your current life experience with a pleasant or inoffensively engaging diversion that comes with fewer of social media’s problems, such as rage and life-toppling. I’m not interested in changing minds or stirring anyone to action. The tides of global politics affect us all, but I try to remember that we have a shared existence outside of the political layer. And, I try to live there. I strive to operate as an agent of peace and universal goodwill. No bull. There’s nothing funny about it.

I don’t need to lecture you in order to achieve that objective. No one does. I trust that you are probably a decent enough person doing all you can do to live peacefully. If not, then I trust that you will eventually come to understand the unimaginable fulfillment that comes with peacefulness. It’s not my job to raise you. It’s my job to entertain you, and to fill a few of your moments with wonder. But, unlike social media, there will be no comment section here.

Unlike Social Media, No Comment Section Here

If you want to comment on something here, feel free to share it on social media and leave your commentary on your post. You can even follow the official Facebook page of my forthcoming podcast, The Way It Is. I will not host a comment section on this site, and I might tell you the reasons later.

If you believe your input is crucial, simply drop me a note on the Contact page. If your message requires a reply, then I will reply as soon as I am able. Now I will tell you how to work a blog that isn’t on social media.

How to Work a Blog That Isn’t on Social Media

The menu up top will always tell you what’s available outside the main content feed, and every item of content will be discoverable in the main feed on the home page. It’s pretty simple, and I intend to keep it that way for all of our sakes. I always tell my mother to keep clicking mysterious things until something good happens on her computer. Here, your options will be clearly labeled, and easy to arrive at.

Some parts of the site may malfunction at some times, or appear incomplete. That will mean I’m editing something, and I assure you that it will be temporary.

WARNING: Just like on social media, if you spend too much time here, you’re not eligible for any compensation. But, I think I am.

Memberships and Support

If you have purchased a membership to a previous iteration of this site, I want to thank you again and let you know that your membership has been extended forever with no further payment required. As this new iteration grows and solidifies, premium subscriber content will begin to re-appear in the blog feed. Some of this will include downloadable media that you may find enjoyable or informative in the future, such as mp3s of original music.

I need to let the rest of you know that this website is one aspect of my livelihood, and your support helps keep bills paid, studio gear and software updated, and production expenses covered. I don’t really want to push for new subscribers until I’ve established a good publishing rhythm and, more importantly, updated the subscription system.

One-time and ongoing gestures of support are welcome and appreciated. Your donation can be made with a payment card or PayPal account. You’ll get a premium membership, but it won’t currently be an automated process. Just contact me if you have any issues when you….

Onward, Into the Day

I am running out of time to write because the sun is now rising, and I am up early to shoot some sunrise photographs to share with you from key spots here in St Louis. Right now the moon is over QuikTrip, the coffee is hot and the truck is warm. It feels good to be out this morning.

I will say quickly that I can feel a lot of freedom and calmness returning to me in this current renewal of self-publishing endeavors, away from social media. I have much to say about it, but no one’s asking, so I’m just going to go back to making things for you to look at, listen to, and read.

It’s a blog. I’m not going to overthink it, and you shouldn’t either.

And, I gotta go.