Tickets for Zimowy Obiad: A Polish Winter Dinner

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We’ve been craving hearty, warming Polish food in these offices all winter. Since there hasn’t been time for a trip to Chicago to hit a Polish buffet or deli, LUKA is doing this Polish pop-up dinner, hosted and prepared by freelance writer, cookbook author and former culinary professional, John J. Goddard. Here’s the menu:

Zimowy Obiad: A Polish Winter Dinner

bread, smalec, pickled vegetables, farmer’s cheese, charcuterie

Zupa Grzybowa
creamy herbed mushroom soup

Gulasz Wieprzowy
pork shoulder braised in paprika sauce

sour cabbage stewed with smoked sausage and kidney beans

Kasza Pszenna
durum wheat, butter, fried onions

potato dumplings

sweet poppy seed roulade cake

This is a 21+ event.
Seating is limited to 20.
Coffee, tea, and a welcome drink of Polish rye vodka are included.
Cash bar for additional alcoholic beverages.
Gratuity not included.

Service is family-style at two tables of 10 guests.

Deadline for Facebook and Eventbrite ticket sales is Tuesday, January 14th. Additional ticketing options will be added if you need more time.


You’ll enter to the rapturous melodies of classic Polish pop and folk music, then sit down to a welcoming drink of chilled Polish rye vodka, thick-sliced whole grain bread and smalec (pork fat and bacon spread), zesty mustard, horseradish with beets, pickled vegetables, fresh farmer’s cheese, pasztet (country pâté) and suchy boczek (smoked dry bacon).

Along comes a bit of soup, and it’s a creamy herbed mushroom soup at that. You could probably quit and go home full after this, but there’s more on the way. Oh, yes. Quite a bit more.

Out from the kitchen come bowls of wheat kasza with butter and fried onions, potato dumplings, sauerkraut stewed with smoked kielbasa and kidney beans, and tender pork shoulder braised in a rich paprika sauce. There’s no way out now.

After you’ve eaten and had a little time to collect yourself, a slice of dense, rich, moderately sweet poppyseed roulade cake is presented for your consideration. It’s probably time for coffee.

After all of this, you’ll have a good foundation for a night on the town, but going directly to bed isn’t a bad idea either. You will probably sleep better than you have in years. This food is the ideal precursor to deep winter slumber, and you deserve a good rest on a full belly.