Let’s Face It, Rock and Roll is Kind of Dead

I don’t always write pretty songs for piano and voice, but when I do, I like to let you in on the process. I started this one just the other day, so the piano part is just basic chords and a few tinkles so far. I swear that I can hit that last note. I just forgot to take a breath.

The other music is still happening. I’m just playing around with all kinds of stuff to see what people like. I can reach out all I want, but if I don’t touch anyone, the exercise is pointless. I’m think the timeless piano-and-voice format has a decent chance of reaching more people, and it also allows me to use what I consider to be “my voice”.

I haven’t tried writing much of this stuff, but a lot of my older rock songs can be arranged for piano without too much trouble. I’m sure they’ll get more mileage that way. Let’s face it: The potential audience for rock music is not what it used to be. I say that with a tear in my eye, because I do love to rock. But producing music is about your pleasure, not mine. In the words of the late, great Denise LaSalle, your pleasure is my business.

Speaking of business, the studio needs to pay some bills and upgrade a few things. You can help me keep the music coming and get immediate downloads of every song I release when you do.  Make a tiny monthly contribution and reap the rich spiritual reward of directly supporting independent music. 

Let the Bass Player Have Some

Is this prog funk? Acid jazz? I can’t tell what it is, but it’s something The Vanilla Duchesne is playing around with in the studio. I think it might need woodwinds.

I’m Bringing Back The Clap!

Here’s another audio preview from the Vanilla Duchesne sessions. This is from a segment I’m working on for the song “Action Pants”. Note the strategic use of hand clapping, so situated to inspire enthusiasm and exuberance in the listener: Continue reading “I’m Bringing Back The Clap!”

Put On Your Action Pants

As it turns out, writing funk and soul does indeed come a lot more naturally to me than the rock. This week I’m recording the song “Action Pants,” for The Vanilla Duchesne’s “Redemption!” LP. Here’s a very brief sneak peek: Continue reading “Put On Your Action Pants”

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vanilla Duchesne!

If I learned anything from the restaurant industry, it’s this: When you don’t have any paying customers, you’d better change up your menu.

I’ve always said that food and music are pretty much the same thing to me, and this website is basically an independent music business. Let me tell you, no one’s been lining up to buy my Indie Space Rock Sandwich. It occurred to me that I should consider bringing the Funky Cheeseburger back, and putting it front and center on the menu of musical concerns. Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vanilla Duchesne!”