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It Takes A Village

The drive from Trogir to Marina was a fifteen-minute hop west on Jadranska Magistrala. The old two-lane highway winds along the coast from Rijeka down through Dalmatia, then across the southern border into Montenegro.

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Iva Trčiċ and the Old Zagreb Place

Iva Trčiċ and the Old Zagreb Place
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Croatia has been a popular holiday destination for a few hundred years, but it seems that the vast majority of people want to spend their vacation time and money in coastal Dubrovnik, Split, and on the islands. As someone who has lived and spent plenty of time inland, I’ll tell you that the capital city, Zagreb, is an absolute delight, full of a continental charm and character completely unlike the coast.

If you’re planning a visit to Zagreb, check in with my friend Iva Trčić, whose exquisite 19th century flat on British Square is scheduled to wrap up renovations by June 1, 2018. She’s looking for help with funding the project on IndieGoGo, and is offering stays in the apartment as reward for support. Check out The Old Zagreb Place on