Honey Turmeric Lemonade Frappé

A glass of aged sunshine.

I get the turmeric thing. When regularly consumed, the cumulative benefits are undeniable. When I rise I take a large dose (about 1.5 grams) with about a gram of neem powder in water with honey.

At night, however, I skip the neem and make honey lemonade with turmeric. If I add some ice and blitz it long enough, I get a sweet, aromatic golden foam that is as textural an experience as it is flavorful and beneficial.

It’s pretty nice.

I never use a recipe for this. It’s just water, ice, honey, lemon juice and turmeric in proportions I consider balanced, but balance will be different for you.

I definitely recommend this for singers, especially warmed as a toddy. It’s all the stuff the throat wants before focused vocal activity.