I’m available for hire in a number of creative capacities on a remote contract basis. My expertise lies mainly in writing and music production for commercial purposes, but I also build and manage WordPress websites, and develop holistic digital content strategy. Just ask if you don’t see it listed here. There’s a high probability that I can refer you to a talented creative professional if I am unable to provide the service you need.


With nearly 15 years of experience in WordPress websites, I’m pretty well equipped to plan and implement your personal or small business website quickly and efficiently. I put security and strategy to work on responsive, fast loading, media-rich user experiences. Full integration with social media, e-commerce and email lists is standard practice. I am familiar with the best practices of the General Data Protection Regulation, and my knowledge of its complexities continues to grow. I’ll do everything to ensure that your international outreach is in full compliance with European law.

If your site has already been built, I am available to manage the site’s ongoing maintenance tasks, as well as provide editorial direction and task management for bloggers and guest contributors.


I provide not only content writing services, but also content strategy development. Your brand story can’t be told in one or two blog posts. My holistic approach to strategic long-term storytelling gives your users something to sink their teeth into over time, drawing them in and creating loyal followers.

Five years of work in community radio gave me plenty of experience in script writing for public announcements. This translates to an ability to pack massive amounts of information into a short burst of audio. I can write your script for an audio advertisement or YouTube video, and also provide voice over, voice acting and narration, delivered as high quality audio files. Remote podcast production is entirely within my realm of skills as well. You supply the audio, I’ll edit and produce it. The end result is engaging, ear pleasing content.


Whether you need soundtrack music or film score, or even just theme or background music for a podcast or video, my 30+ years in music have provided me with a broad palette of sonic understanding and technique. There is not a style of music I’m afraid to work with, but my expertise is in Rock, R&B, Ambient, Classical, Jazz and Vocal styles. Do you need a choir of angels in your soundtrack? Talk to me. I can also handle demonic Heavy Metal, the chillaxing sounds of a four piece Indy band or Jazz ensemble, or 80’s Synth Pop. The sky is the limit here. This is what I love most and do best.

Please let me know as much as you can about your needs here. I will reply within 24 hours to begin assessing our next steps.





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