The Lemprechaun – Cenozoic, 2004

I just finished quite a bit of clean-up around here. In the course of that, I discovered a bunch of mis-routed music files in the members’ music section. It seems that an entire EP of Cenozoic material was unattainable. That has been fixed, and I’m pleased to release those tracks to members today. The EP is entitled The Lemprechaun, and consists of material I recorded and produced in 2003 (when I lived on Lemp Avenue in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis). The image here is the cover that will display in your media player when you download any of the tracks. I took the photo of paint-huffers+baby in Budapest, circa 2006. The photo is entitled paint-huffers+baby.

That’s on the Cenozoic download page, under the Members >> Music heading in the top menu. The 2005 ultra-LP Ambient Textures: Volume I is there as well, along with the first two tracks released from the forthcoming Lemonade LP.

Sorry for not noticing those playback and download issues. They’re fixed, and I’ve cleaned up the top menu considerably. More improvements and music are on the way.

Happy Independence Day to all. Support an independent musician who doesn’t play gigs by becoming a member. It’s cheap, you get lots of downloads, and you’ll give me a reason to celebrate.

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