Put On Your Action Pants

As it turns out, writing funk and soul does indeed come a lot more naturally to me than the rock. This week I’m recording the song “Action Pants,” for The Vanilla Duchesne’s “Redemption!” LP. Here’s a very brief sneak peek:

So, this is going well.

I have a tendency while writing music to envision an audience response to a song. When I’m working on Rock, that visualization often consists of mopey, judgmental malcontents staring at the floor. With the Funk, I see smiles, laughs and dancing.

This is good. The cosmos finally got the message through to me.

As mentioned elsewhere, this work goes faster. I don’t want to make any promises, but I’m making good time on “Action Pants,” and hope to release it here this week. You can listen to and download The Vanilla Duchesne’s finished tracks right now.

Speaking of right now, I’d better put my Action Pants back on and get to work.

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