Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vanilla Duchesne!

If I learned anything from the restaurant industry, it’s this: When you don’t have any paying customers, you’d better change up your menu.

I’ve always said that food and music are pretty much the same thing to me, and this website is basically an independent music business. Let me tell you, no one’s been lining up to buy my Indie Space Rock Sandwich. It occurred to me that I should consider bringing the Funky Cheeseburger back, and putting it front and center on the menu of musical concerns.

That is what I am doing now.

In the past I considered my Funk, Soul and R&B recordings to be a fun break from the seriousness of rock-oriented music. I had it backwards. The People want The Funk. They want sweet soul music. I have confirmation of this from my site’s download statistics: My song “Neighborhood News” is the most downloaded.

So it’s time to paint a name on the booty-rocking barge that is my R&B project. I have decided on a name that’s been lurking in my mind since I heard it some 15 years ago. A friend’s husband was talking about a pretty young actress, and said she was “kind of a Vanilla Duchesne”.

It’s a play on ‘Villa Duchesne’, a Catholic girl’s high school in the St. Louis metro area (In St. Louis, we speak volumes about people when we refer to their high schools.) I think he was calling the actress a basic uppity white girl from the snooty suburbs. I have loved the phrase since hearing it.

And so, I am officially designating my R&B recording project The Vanilla Duchesne. There are four completed songs already waiting to be downloaded in the music section, and you can preview them in the playlist above. Those will be included in the “album” collection I’m working on, but I’m not waiting until I have a full album to release songs. They’ll come out as I finish them.

It’s silly to build buzz, hype and anticipation for a forthcoming masterpiece collection of music when I have a delivery system that doesn’t require such trickery. AND, I tend to get the funky songs done a lot faster than the rock music. There’s so much less preciousness involved, and so much more natural flow of ideas. So I’m picking up the pace on the release schedule.


When I have released an album’s worth of The Vanilla Duchesne, sure, I’ll call it an album. The first one shall bear the title “Redemption!”, and here is the album cover.

That’ll do for now. I look forward to putting more smiles on faces and moving more asses. The only way you can get this music is with a membership at my site. Ten bucks now gets you 6 months of access to every music download, including everything currently present and forthcoming from The Vanilla Duchesne.

Yes, work will continue on the new Cenozoic music, and those songs will also be released as they are completed. But that music is gonna sit in the back seat of the situation while a funkier driver takes the wheel of the canoe.

Free hugs to you all.

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