I’m Bringing Back The Clap!

Here’s another audio preview from the Vanilla Duchesne sessions. This is from a segment I’m working on for the song “Action Pants”. Note the strategic use of hand clapping, so situated to inspire enthusiasm and exuberance in the listener:

If you’re a registered member of this site, you can look forward to sitting in on a vocal writing session for the song “Assisted Living” very soon. I shared video of me recording a portion of the scratch guitar part in this post, but if you’d like a reminder of what the song sounds like without the hassle of having to view another page, here’s a bit of the scratch tracks:

So, that vocal part… I’m going for a much smoother vocal quality in the finished track, hence the writing session that will be shared with members.

Remember, members get free downloads of all my music, plus access to premium content such as the vocal session I mentioned above. Your membership supports independent music by routing needed funds for production and living directly to me, the artist, and it also prevents me from giving a percentage of revenues to a large corporation.

There are already a bunch of completed tracks to download here, and you get everything new that comes out while your membership is active. So don’t delay, sign up today. 

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