Font Feelings, Hockey Rinks for Israel, Screeching About the Younger Generation’s Music is Horseshit

Font Feelings, Hockey Rinks for Israel, Screeching About the Younger Generation’s Music is Horseshit
General Concerns

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Paul and I discuss the perils and intricacies of font design, the perils and intricacies of the Israeli/Palestinian situation, and the perils and intricacies of shitting on younger people’s music, among other things. It’s a perilous, intricate episode that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, complete with a snippet of some music coming to the download section soon.

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You, Me, and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

I didn’t think I’d have to worry about the GDPR, but, as it turns out, I do. So, let me clarify a few things about your user experience here. This will all soon be readily viewable here at the site in a more prominently displayed form.

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Uncle Daddy’s Ditty

Start your day the John J. Goddard way! This merry melody employs a “showboat orchestra” for an upbeat feel, even at its mid-tempo pace. For me, it calls to mind a dandy Southern gentleman jauntily strolling down the lane without a care in the world… sort of a “song of the South”. It’s ideal for an alarm or ringtone (I use it for both), or for a burst of horseplay in the parlor with all your little pals when you put it on repeat play.

Ambient Textures: Volume I

I’m updating and re-uploading everything… EVERYTHING. This collection of ambient music was completed by yours truly in 2004. It was originally released under the nom de plume of my instrumental band/experimental music project, Cenozoic, with the title AON::Omnilateral. I have since added a track and remastered the entire album. Members have access to a free download of this and everything else I’m uploading today, and forever, as long as their membership remains active.

Memberships are pretty reasonably priced to fit any budget, so I hope you’ll consider becoming a member today. If you like my work, a membership will save you money on downloads. Here’s a playlist of Ambient Textures: Volume I for your listening and downloading pleasure.


America, Would You Just Grow Up And Start Eating These Other Fish Instead of Tuna, Salmon and Cod?

In the post-apocalyptic hellscape our descendants will almost certainly call home, wouldn’t it would be nice if the nomadic tribes of great-grandchildren roaming the coasts could still catch dinner from the sea? With the way we behave today, it looks as if they may be eating each other. And you may say, “Oh, shut up, John J. Goddard, that’ll never happen,” as if saying it’ll never happen is precisely what needs to be done to make sure it never happens. When I take my last breath I want to believe I did something to help prevent it, like telling you to stop eating so much tuna, salmon and cod, at the very least. Do I think you’ll actually change your eating habits? No. That would require major effort on your part — almost as much effort as it’s going to take to read this essay, or to do anything other than telling me to stop putting unpleasant thoughts in your head. But I’m going to ask you to change anyway, and give you a few reasons why you should at least quit tuna.  Continue reading “America, Would You Just Grow Up And Start Eating These Other Fish Instead of Tuna, Salmon and Cod?”