Malsena Self Raising Flour

I have an urge to go out and have twenty short, frivolous conversations with a variety of people. I kinda miss just picking a few local spots to visit and seeing what happens.

I would go out tonight, sit with coffee and write in some place that’s too loud for writing, just to see who I end up talking with. But many of my streets are ice-glazed impassability. And it’s quite cold.

I bought good, high-protein Malsena Lithuanian flour for pizza dough at Jay International today. At 23%, I believe I’ll get some good stretch and crunch going. I don’t usually buy self-rising flour, but this was the highest high-protein flour I could find for the dough.

I also grabbed some beat up, near-free shiitakes and peppers. With mozzarella, ricotta, and some herbs, I think it’ll be a nice pie.

Jay International Foods will be closed for renovation next week, but I have a sizable backlog of photos, product descriptions and tips to share. So, please return if you enjoy these digital outings.