Wading in the Shallows (demo)

Here’s another demo for the new Cenozoic album, Lemonade. This one has a really dark feel to it. Can you believe that I was unhappy when I wrote it? I’m going to keep the dark edge as I turn it into space rock. I’m adding lots of restrained, shimmering cymbal washes to the drum part. It’s taking on an almost-but-not-quite, unattainable kind of sound, which is apt when considering who it was written about.

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Always Midnight

I began work on this song 20 years ago. It’s now finished. You can download it right here, or become a member of this site and receive the download free as part of your subscription, right here.

Black Sugar

I know. I’m all over the place with the music. This is from the Shitwülf project, which is more of a psychedelic rock and metal concern. You can download it right here, or become a member of this site and receive the download free as part of your subscription, right here.

I Come From The Mountain

I don’t think there’s anything more I can do for this track, so I may as well release it for the Cenozoic album I’m working on. You can download it by becoming a member of this site.