The Lemprechaun – Cenozoic, 2004

I just finished quite a bit of clean-up around here. In the course of that, I discovered a bunch of mis-routed music files in the members’ music section. It seems that an entire EP of Cenozoic material was unattainable. Continue reading “The Lemprechaun – Cenozoic, 2004”

Brooke (demo)

I can’t remember if I put this in the member download section or not, but I’m certain I haven’t shared it in the blog feed. I wrote “Brooke” in 1998. This recording took place the following year at the newer location of Cicero’s in the University City Loop. I did a short set at an installment of the Third Lip Cabaret show with my old Happy Mutants band mate Chris Richardson on guitar (beautiful as always, Chris). I’m still trying to locate the recording of the whole set. It’s got to be in my hard drive somewhere.

So, here I am, doing my best Bob Seger:

This one’s getting worked up and revitalized for the Lemonade album, which members will be able to download free as part of their subscription. Aside from one song (“I Come From The Mountain”), I’m working on a completely different set of songs than the playlist of demos I posted back in November. Things change. People change. Reasons change. And I have many more songs waiting to be properly recorded than I realized.

Wading in the Shallows (demo)

Here’s another demo for the new Cenozoic album, Lemonade. This one has a really dark feel to it. Can you believe that I was unhappy when I wrote it? I’m going to keep the dark edge as I turn it into space rock. I’m adding lots of restrained, shimmering cymbal washes to the drum part. It’s taking on an almost-but-not-quite, unattainable kind of sound, which is apt when considering who it was written about.

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Always Midnight

I began work on this song 20 years ago. It’s now finished. You can download it right here, or become a member of this site and receive the download free as part of your subscription, right here.