War Accordion



This is the part of the movie where Kevin Costner is hiding behind the hill with the Lakota Sioux. The White Man is down in the gully, unaware that he is being watched. Lakota braves fire up their war accordions, striking terror into the hearts of The White Man. Kevin Costner leads a charge of unkempt natives down into the gully to butcher The White Man. A bloodbath ensues, and The White Man is decimated. The Lakota braves put down their war accordions with a wheeze of finality and walk home for supper.

If you wish to use War Accordion in production, the fee for the WAV file includes a royalty-free license for use in whatever media you’d like. What a value! If you’d like me to customize this for you, please contact me. This and other music on this site can be shortened, extended, synchronized to events in edited footage, and more.