Ambient Textures, Volume 1

Ambient Textures, Volume 1

Your purchase of Ambient Textures, Volume 1, entitles you to unlimited personal enjoyment and royalty-free commercial use in film, radio, podcasts, YouTube, Vimeo, games and other media production. You may edit the tracks to fit into your own media, but you may not alter them, such as by adding to other tracks as a sample, altering playback speed or pitch, or filtering through effects. If you are contacted by ASCAP or another performance rights organization about potential unlawful use of this music, contact me. I will review your download history and inform the mediating party of your lawfully acquired license for the music. Be certain to enter your email address correctly so that you receive your download link. If you have any issues or do not receive the download link, please contact me to review and rectify the situation. Payments are processed securely via PayPal, whether you pay with a PayPal account or major credit or debit card. Thank you for supporting small independent music business, and please use the buttons below to share this with your friends and colleagues.

War Accordion



This is the part of the movie where Kevin Costner is hiding behind the hill with the Lakota Sioux. The White Man is down in the gully, unaware that he is being watched. Lakota braves fire up their war accordions, striking terror into the hearts of The White Man. Kevin Costner leads a charge of unkempt natives down into the gully to butcher The White Man. A bloodbath ensues, and The White Man is decimated. The Lakota braves put down their war accordions with a wheeze of finality and walk home for supper.

If you wish to use War Accordion in production, the fee for the WAV file includes a royalty-free license for use in whatever media you’d like. What a value! If you’d like me to customize this for you, please contact me. This and other music on this site can be shortened, extended, synchronized to events in edited footage, and more. 


Uncle Daddy’s Ditty


This merry melody employs a “showboat orchestra” for an upbeat feel, even at its mid-tempo pace. For me, it calls to mind a dandy Southern gentleman jauntily strolling down the lane without a care in the world… sort of a “song of the South”. In my fevered imagination the gentleman looks something like this:

Uncle Daddy

At thirty-three seconds in length, it’s ideal as a music bed for short announcements, or as the soundtrack to horseplay in the parlor with all your little pals when you put it on repeat play. If you’d like to use this song for production but need a longer or shorter version, I am happy to discuss an array of customization options with you. Simply click the Hire link in the menu at the top, fill in the form, and let me know what you need. Be certain to type your email address correctly lest you never hear back from me.

Please note: Downloading the MP3 version grants you the royalty-free rights to personal use as a ringtone. If you wish to use Uncle Daddy’s Ditty in production, you must purchase the WAV version. The fee for the file includes a royalty-free license for use in whatever media you’d like. What a value! All of my music is registered with a global performance rights organization whose digital robots scan the entire Internet and known universe for any and all usage of my original works. Unauthorized, unlicensed use of my music in production is a violation of international copyright law. What’s more, it’s unfair to the individual who did all the work. That individual is me, and I thought we were friends.

Whatever you shall decide, please enjoy the song and feel liberated to contact me with your questions, concerns, and customization requests. I look forward to sharing more music with you soon.